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EU envoy concerned over Kashmir situation

GENEVA: European Ambassador at the United Nations (UN) Carl Hallergard expressed concerns over the humanitarian crisis developing in India-occupied Kashmir as an unprecedented curfew in the held territory entered the 66th day on Thursday.

“EU is keeping a close eye on Kashmir situation and we are concerned about (the) growing conflict. We acknowledge the ambitious and hectic efforts being carried out by Prime Minister Imran Khan for avoiding a humanitarian crisis in Kashmir,” said the envoy in a meeting held with Minister for SAFRO and Narcotics Control Shehryar Khan Afridi in Geneva.

He said the European Union also acknowledged “unparalleled” efforts by the Pakistan government for Afghan Refugees. He said the generous hosting of millions of refugees over four decades reflects the generosity and care for humanity by people and the government of Pakistan.

The ambassador said that he is well connected with Pakistani mission in Geneva and added Pakistan has a strong and genuine case with regard to Afghan refugees and the EU shall try to join hands financially to assist Pakistan in dealing with the situation.

On the occasion, Shehryar Afridi briefed the EU delegation on the humanitarian crisis developing in Kashmir.

He said the world needed to act before it’s too late. He said that Kashmir was a nuclear flashpoint between two Pakistan and India and the situation may get out of hands as India had heavily militarized the region.

He said that any miscalculation may lead to a crisis that may have an impact beyond regions and borders.



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