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EU will help stop India’s terrorist activities in Pakistan: president EC

In a meeting with Diplomatic Mediator Observer Islamic Countries Faisal Muhammad in Brussels, he stressed on continuous cooperation between Pakistan and India besides respecting each other’s matters.

Faisal Muhammad had also wooed his attention towards India’s terrorist activities in Pakistan and requested him to play role to stop India’s Khulbhushan Yadav network and its activities.

He said India had spread its terrorist network in Pakistan in a bid to destabilize the country.

Earlier, Jean-Claude Juncker had said EU will play its positive role in developing peaceful and constructive Pakistan-India relations.

“Peaceful and constructive Pakistan-India relations are essential for the stability and security of the region and instrumental in fostering sustainable development and cooperation in South Asia,” he had said in response to a letter written by the diplomatic mediator observer Islamic countries.

Faisal Muhammad had written to European Commission: “As you know since the independence in 1947, India has adopted and official and declared policy to destabilize Pakistan. In March 1971, the formation of the eastern wing of Pakistan into Bangladesh is the historical proof of this said policy. The present Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has publicly admitted that Indian intelligence agency RAW and the Indian army played a significant role to disintegrate Pakistan in 1971.”




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