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Pakistani Bajrangi Bhaijan tale becomes reality as Indian FM says “We will bring Geeta back to India”

After appeals from human rights activist Ansar Burney  to the Indian government and Bollywood star Salman Khan to step up and help the stranded girl, the Indian High Commissioner also arrived in Karachi on directions of his Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and met the girl.

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Geeta has her own mandir at the shelter she currently resides in Karachi. An activist tweeted that she is also a vegetarian and also fasts in the Muslim holy month of Ramazan.








“We must not leave any stone unturned to make Geeta realize there are sympathizers’ in India too, who are making efforts to help her reach home.”


Indian High Commissioner says Geeta case to bring both countries closer


The team of Indian High Commission reached Edhi Centre in Karachi to seek details of the girl and meet her. Speaking to media on the occasion, the Indian HC T.C.A. Raghavan thanked Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi for providing shelter to the Indian work and cooperating in this regard. He informed that they would try to search family of the lost girl. He said it is itself a message of peace that his government sent him to Pakistan. “I am hopeful this process will continue and peace will prevail.” Another member of the visiting Indian team thanked Ms Bilquees Edhi for taking care of the girl and allowing her to exercise religious freedom and providing her with Mandir facility. Mr. Ansar Burney also thanked the Indian envoy for meeting Geeta in Karachi.



Pakistan’s real Bajrangi Bhaijan appeals to… by ARYNews




Salman Khan stands up for Geeta

  Meanwhile, Bollywood’s heartthrob Salman Khan has responded to our report and asked Bajrangi director to help find Geeta’s family after Ansar Burney’s appeal.

Geeta is an Indian girl, deaf and mute, who accidentally crossed into Pakistan many years ago as a child. Mr Burney says this happened 15 years ago and since she cannot speak or talk, Rangers handed her over to a local shelter home in Lahore. She was then transferred to the Edhi Home in Karachi where she is currently living. Geeta was also invited today at the ARY’s morning show hosted by Sanam Baloch

The Morning Show 4 Aug 2015 by arynews

Mr Burney also had also traveled to India in October 2012 with photographs and pictures of the girl three years ago. Bilquis Edhi has suggested Geeta to begin a new life here and get marreid to a Hindu boy. Geeta, through her gestures, refused and said she would get marry only after she returns home. Ms Edhi also named the girl who accidentally strayed across the border into Pakistan ‘Geeta’.

In a video message, Burney refers to the Bollywood star, saying “Salman khan sahib, you’ve translated real life story to a film, earned billions and didn’t credit Pakistan or us. But let’s forget. We don’t want promotion or publicity as it’s not our ambition. Now you should put up your hand and announce assistance to this girl and Ansar Burney Trust. ” He detailed that the girl was found in Pakistan around 15 years ago, when she was six and identified herself as ‘Guddi’ – a same character played by pretty Harshali Malhotra in Bajrangi Bhaijan . “Ansar Burney Trust is endeavouring to find her family for last three years.”

Mr. Burney said the entire story revolves around Pakistan, Ansar Burney and a Paksitani journalist Chand Nawab. “We can move to Indian Supreme Court for compensation, but we won’t resort to that move.” I am heading to India on September 2, he said, to meet H.H. Dalailama and I would visit areas to find family of Geeta. The director of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kabir Khan, after reports in the media, has sent an email to Mr. Burney assuring him support in the mission. Here’s the screenshot of the email received to the human rights activist. “I hope you (Salman) to carry along us in this mission during India visit. “Alike Geeta, there is a child named Salman, who was one-and-a-half year old when his parents were sent back to Pakistan. ”


Gita Praying to go to her home (video credit… by arynews

Geeta playing with kids in Edhi Center – Video… by arynews

The efforts of Ansar Burney Trust seem to have yielding positive results after three years as Minister of External Affairs of India Sushma Swaraj tweeted to Burney that she had directed Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, to head to Karachi and meet with Geeta.

Extracts from a diary written by Geeta about her family



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