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EXPLAINER: How NA speaker is elected

The polling for election of new Speaker of the National Assembly has begun at the Parliament House, as newly-elected MNAs caste their votes in favour of their preferred candidate.

But what is the mechanism to elect a candidate for the coveted slot of the Lower House of the Parliament?

Here’s the guide for you

-The election will be by secret ballot.

-Each member will have one vote only.

-A ballot paper, containing the names of members, validly nominated for election as Speaker of the National Assembly, will be given to each member.

-The names of members will be called out by the Secretary, National Assembly, one by one.

-Before delivering a ballot paper one to each member, it will be signed by an officer of the Secretariat and also stamped on its reverse with the seal of the Assembly.

-The member will then proceed to the enclosure near the Table of the House and put a cross mark X in ink of the ballot paper against the name of the candidate of his choice and will not divulge the name of the candidate for whom he votes. The ballot paper will be folded before it is inserted in the ballot box, placed near the said enclosure.

-lf any ballot paper is inadvertently spoiled by a member, he may ask for a fresh one, after returning the spoiled ballot paper, which will be canceled.

-After all the members have voted, the secretary will open the ballot box count all the ballot papers and submit the result to the Chairperson, who will announce the name of the member elected as Speaker.

-The same process will be repeated to bring in the new deputy speaker. The new speaker will supervise the election of the deputy speaker.



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