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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp restored after brief outage

ISLAMABAD: The social media giant, Facebook, and its other two platforms including WhatsApp and Instagram on Sunday suffered a temporary outage in Pakistan and many other countries.

The service of social networking sites,  however, was restored after two hours on Sunday evening, said users.  It is pertinent to mention here that all three major social platforms including Facebook which has more than two billion users worldwide, had went inaccessible after its outage being reported in Pakistan, as well as many other countries including India, United Kingdom and Europe.

However, mobile users were unaffected from the problem. Facebook administration is due to disclose reason regarding the outage.

The latest outage had come just a month after Facebook went inaccessible for hours last month, where the outage had remain for over 24 hours which the social media giant’s administration had blamed for ‘server configuration change”.

According to The Verge, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp had been experiencing issues this morning for users worldwide.

The report had said that Facebook and Instagram were both inaccessible, with news feeds refusing to refresh and the main Facebook.com domain unavailable. WhatsApp messages aren’t being sent or received, and users of Facebook’s main services have headed to Twitter to share that they’re having issues.

In Britain, the social media websites were down reportedly down on Sunday afternoon with users throughout the UK and Europe left frustrated, Mirror.co.uk reported.

Monitoring website downdetector.co.uk had received hundreds of complaints across the UK and Europe.

Hundreds of users turned to Twitter to report the development.

A user from Karachi, Shaheer Shakeel, while slamming the Facebook breakdown, said on Twitter:

Another user wrote in a mimetic manner:

A user from Islamabad was of the view into quite a different aspect after thanking Twitter:



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