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Ex-administrator Karachi Fahim Zaman threatens, abuses policemen in red zone

KARACHI: Former administrator Karachi Fahim Zaman on Tuesday was caught on camera threatening on-duty cops in city’s red zone after the security officials reportedly asked his driver to prove identity as their vehicle entered the red zone, ARY News reported.

The incident took place at PIDC area of Karachi. Sensitive buildings such as Chief Ministers’ House, Headquarters Pakistan Rangers Sindh, several upscale hotels, and Chief Secretary’s residence are all in the same vicinity.

According to police, Zaman, who has twice served as administrator of Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC), was sitting beside his driver in his car when the cops flagged down their car for snap-checking.

Upon this, Zaman lost his cool, alighted from his car and started arguing with the police officials on duty. In the video, Zaman can be heard undermining and abusing the on-duty officials.

“I have been the administrator of this city twice, whom do you know if you don’t know me?”, Zaman could be heard saying to one of the policemen.

A policeman can be heard saying to Zaman that [the police] was there for the safety of you [the public] to which Zaman angrily responded that they were there ‘only to prove their existence’.

Zaman also threatened the policemen that he would call Additional IGP Karachi Ameer Shaikh and complain to him.

The entire event was captured in a mobile phone video which went viral on social media, prompting criticism from several quarters.

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The officials who were on the scene while talking to ARY News said that they had not misbehaved with Zaman, rather only asked the passengers to confirm their identity.

They maintained that as per standard operating procedure, they could stop any vehicle from entering the red zone if they find it suspicious.

The policeman, Adnan, also told ARY News that Zaman asked his driver to run over the car over the policeman [who stopped the vehicle].

Case lodged

Police later in the evening lodged a case against Zaman at Civil Lines Police Station.

The case was registered on the behalf of Adnan, a police official, for threatening, abusing police officials, interfering in public affairs, and creating hurdles to the flow of traffic.

Police sources said that four clauses were included in the FIR of the incident.

Earlier, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) South had said that legal action would be taken against Zaman for misbehaving with the policemen and violation of the law.

“Misbehaviour with the police will not be tolerated at any cost,” said the DIG. The senior cop said the ex-KMC chief could also be arrested.



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