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Fallen in love: Karachi schoolboy shoots girl dead, later kills himself — police find another letter


The unfortunate incident took place at a private school in Patel Para when a 16-year-old Noorul Hadi took out a pistol during assembly in the morning and shot his paramour Saba Bashir, before shooting himself on Tuesday morning (September 1). They both died on the spot.

The 16-year-old boy belonged to the Ismaili Community while the girl, 15, was from the Hazara community.

Police said another letter was found from the class wherein the boy had asked girl to bring pistol of his father.

They suspected that the couple was planning to commit suicide for some days and eventually they did it.

Police also summoned girl’s father for investigation to enquire whether his pistol was licensed.



A letter allegedly written by the boy for his parents before committing suicide.


A letter allegedly written by the girl for her parents.


However, handwriting of both the letters appears to be similar, indicating it was written by the same person.


A screenshot of the Facebook profile of the girl — is a photograph of Indian actors Emran Hashmi and Vidya Balan from the recent film ‘Humari Adhuri Kahani’


A Facebook profile screenshot of the boy. His alleged message “Tomorrow I will die” also appears on his page.

It may be noted here that Facebook pages of the couple have been de-activated.


The couple also left a suicide note for their parents, which was found later.

Police said the couple had their names – Nauroz and Fatima – on the social media.

They didn’t explain where did the boy get a gun and managed to carry it in school. Hadi on Monday had written on his Facebook timeline that he would die a day after.

According to senior police officer Akhtar Farooq, the initial statement of their families show that the teenage classmates did not exhibit any unusual attitude. The girl’s family stated that on Tuesday night, Saba refused to eat dinner at home and insisted on having a burger.

Tragedy evokes strong reaction on social media




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