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False eyelashes botch-up leaves woman blind in one eye

A botched attempt to get false eyelashes put on at a beauty salon left a 41-year-old woman blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other.

The victim whose name was not disclosed shared pictures of her scarred face after undergoing the painful procedure which she reported to police and health authorities in Brazil’s Porto Velho city, a local newspaper G1 reported.

She told police that she immediately started experiencing severe pain after the beautician at the salon dropped glue inside her eye while putting on false eyelashes. The beautician later offered her a glass of water.


The report said that she decided to home and later taken to Oswaldo Cruz clinic for treatment as the pain did not stop. She complained about a total loss of vision in her right eye and partial loss in her left.

Her sister said that she lamented the lack of assistance from the beauty professional, and that she should have been urgently taken for medical treatment. She said: “She could have at least taken her to a UPA (emergency care unit). The doctor said that if she had gone immediately, she might have been able to avoid the damage that was eventually caused.”

false eyelashes blind in one eye beauty salon botch-up

The victim’s sister, also unnamed, said she also filed a complaint with the authorities and has handed the case over to a lawyer. A medical report should be ready in 15 days.

The woman’s sister posted on Facebook with the photos and the message: “This neglect is the fault of the professional. Nobody here is saying that it was not an accident, we are saying that she did not provide help and left her in pain.

false eyelashes blind in one eye beauty salon botch-up

“We have not exposed the author of the injury, just facts about what happened, with the relevant evidence.” There is no further information as to whether the injuries sustained are permanent.



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