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Farmers won’t go home until agreement is reached, says Rakesh Tikait of BKU

DELHI: Rakesh Tikait, leader of Indian party Bharatiya Kisan Union that has given rise to otherwise fizzling out farmers’ protest has said Friday the protestors shall not return home until there’s a government-level agreement.

According to Indian media, Tikait has revealed plans by the farmer leaders that meetings shall be held in Prime Minister Modi’s home state Gujarat.

He earlier categorically asserted there will be no ‘ghar wapsi (return home)’ unless the newly ‘anti-farmer laws’ were entirely withdrawn.

However, it is thought that his position now might have been some sort of retreat as he seemed to have caved in after government officials have been telling farmers to consider a middle-ground where repealing laws is not a condition.

Tikait now says the government has to talk to farmer unions’ committee leading the protests against the laws.

“This agitation will continue until the Government of India talks to the committee and arrives at an agreement,” Tikait said addressing the ‘mahapanchayat (grand session)’, adding that until this happens the farmers “will not return home”.

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The agitation is not limited to Punjab, Haryana or Uttar Pradesh but instead spread across India, he said.

“More mahapanchayats will be held in coming days”, he said, adding they will go to Gujarat as well.



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