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NAB Chairman controversy hatched by PML-N: Firdous Ashiq Awan

Talking to the media on today, Friday Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the nation needs to remain hopeful and not despair due to meek economic conditions, the recent NAB controversy concocted by PML-N she alleged, ARY News reported.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Firdous Ashiq Awan expressed resolve to steer Pakistan out of the current economic turmoil under the leadership of Imran Khan.

“Imran Khan is standing defiant on the economic frontier and we are making our way towards our destiny,” said Awan.

“We will keep waging a war for basic human rights and the people in the country,” added Awan.

The media advisor continued that some “political pygmies” were busy hurling blame and criticism on the Prime Minister.

She advised the naysayers to hold themselves accountable before pointing fingers at the elected leader of the country.

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“Some people have taken backdoors to the political forefront and are now on the verge of a political death, criticizing Imran Khan is an attempt to keep themselves alive in the political arena,” Awan opined.

Awan further revealed that the Advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh will present the economic roadmap for the future tomorrow.

“Positive indicators in the stock market are a sign of better times that are approaching,” said Awan in closing.

Talking about the recent video and audio controversy against Chairman NAB, Awan was of the opinion that it is a targeted campaign against Justice retd. Javed Iqbal which has been launched to demean and defame all the good the institute has done in the recent past.

“Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is behind the recent NAB chairman controversy, they have a track record of indulging in such mud slinging campaigns,” retorted Awan.

“The opposition is trying to drag the Prime Minister in NAB chairman controversy as well, which is testament to the fact that they are scared,” Awan said.

She expressed her dismay over how the anti-graft watchdog handled the controversy and said that the National Accountability Bureau is in need of a vigilant spokesman.



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