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First look: Salman Khan turns pilot for ‘Bigg Boss 8’

Let’s check out 5 reasons why we always wanted Salman Khan to host Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss is one of the most talked about reality shows of Indian television due to its format and controversies. However, what makes the show extremely popular is its host- Salman Khan. Not only is Salman charismatic, popular and a hunk, he is also lively, humorous and entertaining. He brings life to the show. In fact, his one-liners and tiffs become the most talked about things of the show. However, last year when Salman announced that he might now host the show due to his busy show and alleged differences with the channel, his fans protested it. Since that announcement, many other leading names had begun to do the rounds. It was being said that Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Hrithik Roshan were approached to host the new season of Bigg Boss. However, now it seems that Salman Khan might only do the show. And if he still has any doubts, these five reasons will make sure he says YES.

Double salary: Bigg Boss has become synonymous with Salman Khan and the channel knows his importance. Hence, they have done their best to woo the superstar to host the next season of the show by offering him a very lucrative pay cheque. A report says that Salman might agree to host Bigg Boss for a whopping Rs 5-6 crore per week. Quoting a source, the report adds that last year Salman had charged around Rs 2-3 crore per week. However, this time around he has hiked his fees to double and will charge Rs 5-6 crore per week. Not only will the show be bigger and grander than the previous seasons, the show will allegedly have a new time slot. With so much of money, we think there is no reason for Salman to say NO.

Immense popularity: There is no doubt that Salman Khan is extremely popular among both the classes as well as the masses. And it is his popularity that has made Bigg Boss one of the most popular reality shows of Indian television. Be it Salman’s one-liners or him teasing inmates, be it his flirting with female inmates or fighting with them, Salman’s charm is unbeatable. In fact, his camaraderie with B-Town stars, who come to promote their upcoming movies on the show, also make it worth watching. In fact, the audience also wants to only see Salman as the host of the show. A survey was conducted by Bollywoodlife.com on who should host Bigg Boss 8 and pitied Akshay Kumar against Salman Khan. And the result showed that 71% people voted for Salman as against 29% votes to Akshay Kumar. Well it surely shows who is the boss. Doesn’t it?

Fights and controversies: What makes Salman Khan the perfect host of Bigg Boss? Is it his easygoing nature, his comic antics, charisma or star status? There’s another reason that makes the superstar so popular as a host and that is his tiffs with celebrity contestants. Hence, be it his much publicised tiff with Imam Siddiqui or war of words with Sapna Bhavnani and Shakti Kapoor, Salman’s fights with contestants become the talking point of the show and manage to get more TRPS. Though we personally don’t endorse fights but it does give us enough fodder for gossip.

Harmless flirting: Salman Khan is charismatic and knows how to woo a female. Hence, he has dated some of the most gorgeous actresses of Bollywood. However, it does not come as a surprise that he is a hot favourite among female inmates, who look forward to meet him once a week via live TV. However, Salman knows the effect he has on women and hence flirts with them occasionally. He has charmed contestants like Elli Avram, Mahek Chahal and Sana Khan. He even compared Shilpa Agnihotri with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Though other contestants might get jealous and accuse him of being partial towards these pretty girls, we love this light and harmless flirting.

Surprises: Salman Khan knows how to entertain and also arouse the curiosity of his audience. Be it getting interesting celebrity guests or arranging treats for inmates, Salman brings in new and innovative surprise elements that make the show interesting. It seems he does take time to plan the show and his little surprises make Bigg Boss more popular and lovable.



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