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‘Fairy’ or Mermaid?: Fish with human face spotted in lake   

BEIJING: A lot is being heard and written about mermaid or merman in the folklore of any cultures worldwide but no one has seen them with the naked eye.

However, a recent video, captured in China, shocked many as it showed a human-faced fish. Although the fish did not have the complete reflection of the mythical mermaid but still its face looked quite like humans.

The video, shared on Chinese social media platforms, was shot by a visitor at a lake in a village outside the city of Kunming in south China.

The unusual fish or mermaid in the video appears to have some very odd markings on its face, causing it to look like human beings.

On the fish’s head are dark dots which look like two eyes, two vertical lines which resemble the sides of a nose and one horizontal one underneath where a mouth would be.

It could be seen coming near to the shore and poking its head above the surface of the water.

A woman was also heard saying as the video was shot that “The fish has turned into a fairy.”



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