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Fisherman discovers rare one-eyed baby shark

In an unexpected finding, a fisherman was shocked after he discovered an incredibly rare baby albino shark with only one eye.

The one-eyed baby shark was found by the fisherman in Indonesia from inside the belly of an adult shark that died after being caught in the nets while the fishermen were sailing across Maluku province.

The adult shark was cleaned and its belly was cut open to remove the gut where they found the tiny white fish inside. It had one eye in the middle of its head and a milky-white colour, its fins, and other parts already formed.

The 29-year-old fisherman Andy said the shark could have been pregnant with the rare baby before it was accidentally caught in the net on October 10. “We found three babies inside its stomach, but one of them looked strange with only one eye.”

He said that it also has a strange milky color that also distinguished it from the other two babies.

The baby shark, however, died soon after being found and the fisherman reported the incident to the local marine office before turning it over to them.

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The baby shark had a condition called Cyclopia, a birth deformity that causes the embryo to form only one eye instead of two.

Its other condition, Albinism, forces the fish to produce low amounts of melanin, which is responsible for the pigment in the body.



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