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Five children injured in Basant-related incidents in Faisalabad

Youngsters in Faisalabad kept flying kites and resorting to aerial firing as they celebrated Basant – a tradtional festival that marks the arrival of spring. The screams of ‘Bo Kata’ repeatedly echoed in the air, while celebratory gunfire also continued with brief pauses.

Police and the kite-flyers played hide and seek as the cops patrolled in streets with ladders on their vehicles.

Amid all this, five children were injured in different areas either by entangling in kite strings or falling off the rooftops. They were taken to Allied Hospital for medical aid.

Police held more than a hundred kite-flyers from parts of Faisalabad and seized hundreds of kites and string-rolls from them. Over 40 cases were registered against arrested people for violating the ban on kite-flying and firing weapons.



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