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Poor peasant flogged savagely by landlord because his relative ‘quit job’

FAISALABAD: A video, capturing barbaric assault meted out to a peasant by a powerful landlord and his men, has gone viral where the victim lays on his stomach as he is being flogged only because he is a relative of another peasant who chose to leave working for the man, ARY News reported.

According to the details, ARY News learned while investigating the video, it divulged the landlord in Chak 129 village handed over his peasant to his security guard for thrashing for nothing he did wrong but since his relative left working on his farm.

The landlord named Fazal Chattar (sp) took the hold of his peasant Munawwar who is a relative of the actual guy who is ‘angry’ with and in resentment of the latter quitting, he channeled his frustration on the poor guy and flogged him as seen in the video.

Despite the poor victim begging for mercy from the landlord who, beyond all law and humanity, takes it upon himself to decide the fate of people working for him and vent out his anger on the poor by whatever means he deems fit.

READ: 15 confirmed dead as passenger bus falls in ditch near Hassan Abdal

Separately today, at least 15 people have confirmed died in a grim accident near Hasan Abdal’s Buran Interchange as a passenger bus bound for Mardan fell into a ditch while saving a car from crashing into it.

The bus made a departure from Lahore to reach Mardan but on the way as it crossed Hassan Abdal, the bus met a calamity and plunged into a ditch.

According to the details on the unfortunate incident, the rescue officials have so far recovered the bodies of 15 people on board.

The injured are being shifted to a nearby hospital in Attock district, the rescue officials confirmed.



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