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FO lodges protest with US over religious freedom blacklist

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has lodged strong protest with United States of America (USA) for blacklisting Pakistan over alleged violation of religious freedom in country, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

As per details, senior officials of the American consulate were summoned at the ministry of foreign affairs, and were handed over a dossier as a protest over including Pakistan into the list of countries involved in alleged violation of religious freedom.

“Minorities are enjoying equal rights and freedom according to the country’s constitution,” reads the dossier handed over to US officials by the ministry of foreign affairs.

How can America neglect rights violation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), questioned FO, adding Pakistan does not need counsel by any individual country how to protect the rights of its minorities.

Meanwhile, Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari had said, earlier today, that the United States should take notice of violations of religious freedom and human rights in India and some of its allies that are moving to curtail the religious freedoms of its Muslim citizens.

According to a statement released from the ministry, Dr Mazari said that in our neighborhood we have India where Muslims are being targeted and where the BJP is supporting violence against Muslims ostensibly over “beef”.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Trump administration had exempted Pakistan from sanctions that affect the countries added to the US annual list of nations that violate religious freedom.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo waived sanctions in the US national interest.

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