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VIDEO: ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan is backed by Indian agency RAW’ – Ehsanullah Ehsan confesses

RAWALPINDI: A confessional video statement of former Tehreek-e-Taliban spokesperson has been released by the Pakistan Army, in which the ex-militant spilled the beans saying TTP misused the name of Islam to create anarchy and destabilize Pakistan.

In a confessional video message, Ehsan begin his statement: “My name is Ehsanullah Ehsan, a former TTP spokesperson. I joined the TTP in 2008 when I was a college student. I have also been TTP Mohmand Agency spokesperson during these nine years.”

“After Hakimullah was killed, a new succession struggle started,” Ehsan says. “A campaign was launched in support of Omar Khalid Khorasani, Sajna and Mullah Fazlullah. Everyone wanted power, so a shura decided that there would be a draw of names for who would be leader. This is how Mullah Fazlullah was elected leader of the TTP.”

“What can you expect from a leader who was nominated through a draw. And what can you expect from Fazlullah, who married his chief’s daughter forcefully and took her away,” he said.

“During nine years of my association with the Taliban, I saw TTP mislead people especially youth in the name of Islam.”

A certain group is there inside the TTP that is involved in blasts, extortion and other crimes.

Islam doesn’t permit us to indulge in such terrorist activities.

“When military offensive was launched in Waziristan, we fled to Afghanistan where I witnessed TTP leaders had contacts with India and their spy agency RAW.”

“I asked TTP head Omar Khalid Khorasani that why are we seeking help of our enemy, but he replied that we wont even step back from taking help from Israel when it comes to attacking Pakistan,” he said.

His message to the youth who uses social media:

“Don’t fall into propaganda of these elements, they are playing at the hands of the enemy.” These were the reasons that I voluntarily decided to surrender to the Pakistan Army.



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