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Four jailed in Abu Dhabi for YouTube videos

ABU DHABI: Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution galvanized into action after it discovered an offensive video posted on YouTube by four people three young men and a girl.

The video publishers were detained for seven days for further investigation, the prosecution said on Sunday.

The accused were charged for misusing the information technology tools breaching the public order of the society and spreading unlawful video clips on social website YouTube.

The clips contained contents that are against the law of the country.

The first accused and the girl acted in the video, while other defendants participated in the filming and preparation. The video was 33 minutes long.

Then the first accused edited the video and posted it on his personal YouTube account.

All accused in the case have confessed to the crime. In their statement they claimed that they aimed to spread awareness among girls not to go out with persons whom they knew through social media sites, where they may be raped or abducted.

But they claimed that first accused’s website was hacked and a small clip of a minute was edited out and published, then the accused deleted the video from public viewing and put it for private viewing only before deleting it completely on the advice of media who contacted him and explained the legal consequences.

However, the public prosecution asserted that the law of the land doesn’t permit any such activities that violate public order, and misuse the modern technologies particularly on social networking sites.




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