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Free and fair elections in Azad Kashmir under current govt a distant dream: Rashid

The move comes ahead of the impending elections in Azad Kashmir where the two parties are expected to face stiff competition against each other. “The day of reckoning for the PPP will be held on 21st July” he said while saying those who have resorted to the gun instead of the ballot to sabotage the elections will face defeat.

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He said that the PPP has even refuge to criminals and absconders in Azad Kashmir. Rashid also lashed out at Prime Minister of Azad Jammu And Kashmir Chaudhry Abdul Majeed and said that free and fair elections in his presence was a distant dream.

Rashid said that gunshots were fired at the chests their political workers resulting in the death of two people. He expressed deepest condolences with the aggrieved families of the victims. Further he went on to say that this will also weaken the cause of Kashmir at the international stage. He questioned when the United Nations will take up the cause of Kashmir, and urged human right organisations to provide them justice as well.

He urged the Chief Election Commissioner in Azad Kashmir to create an environment conducive for free and fair elections in the region. “Chief Election Commissioner should take notice of the incident and provide justice” or else they would also be considered to be complacent in the incident.

He said that the Election Commission should remove all inept and corrupt officers and those who were not affiliated with any political party. “The federal government will provide all sort of assistance and help you in this regard,” he assured.

Rashid also criticised the death of innocent people in Indian-occupied Kashmir.  



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