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TikTok video: Furious builder smashes houses after ‘not being paid’

In a shocking incident, a furious builder smashed up houses he had been building in an apparent row over pay.

In a TikTok video that went viral, the angry worker can be seen ripping off chunks of wall with a hammer while his colleagues were trying to calm him down.


A voice off-camera can be heard saying ‘didn’t get paid’ as the workman tears a section of the wall off with his hands. One can be heard saying, “Tony, calm down, come here mate, what’s happening?”

Another approaches him on the scaffolding and the angry worker says ‘I’ll sue you’, while the other tells him to ‘just relax’, Mail Online reported.

The worker is seen moving towards the next building and a voice is heard saying ‘Tone, just leave it!’

The men in the video are wearing high visibility jackets with the name of an Essex-based building company on it.



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