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Ghairat: How Saba saved herself from death in the name of honour!

Ghairat, the drama which highlighted the most pertinent issue of honour killing, ended today (Monday) with a powerful message.

The end shocked everyone as Saba (Iqra Aziz) went with her family despite knowing that her brothers want to kill her, the brothers who killed her elder sister before her eyes and dared her to watch.

Saba’s step shook everyone including his brothers who thought she is weak.

Usman repeated what he did with Saba’s elder sister Iqra (Jinaan Hussain) as he tries to fool everyone by acting as an innocent, magnanimous elder brother who wants to settle all issues amicably but Saba did not fall in the trap and instead took a step that surprised everyone.

Saba, chose a different path, she went home with her brothers then killed them both; this was not an ideal step but Saba did it to save herself and avenge her sister’s murder.

Saba’s life and struggle showed that women should stand up against all injustices meted out to them by men, whoever they may be and in whatever way possible. Seeking legal help and standing your ground is the ideal thing.

Saba was in a fix but she knew and conveyed that seeking legal help is the right thing to save oneself from this dangerous tradition of honour killing

Though the play, in its 25 episodes, dealt with all the sensitivities related to the issue and aptly pointed out at the real cause of such incidents; illiteracy and women’s fear.

As Saba stood her ground and made a name for herself, became financially independent, she knew how to deal with the situation, she knew she should seek legal help.

Though Saba’s final step was wrong, her speech during the hearing of the case left all with a number of questions and even answered the big question as to why she did not approach the police.

Saba asked:

Is doing love marriage or asking permission for a love marriage makes a woman characterless?

She did not approach police but can someone tell her if police behave well or treat women’s cases with seriousness?

How many men will survive if women are allowed to kill them in the name of honour?



So, the message is loud and clear, men need education and women need law enforcement agencies and the law to help them if they have decided to fight for their rights.

We have seen people murder their daughters and sisters in the name of honour long after their marriages or hire professional killers to do so for them, so education and law both should help the cause.

The drama’s final scenes too were a message as Saba vows to fight legally rather than trying to escape the situation for a marriage with Zohaib (Muneeb Butt).

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