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WATCH: ‘Ghost’ appears in the background of woman’s TikTok video

TikTok users were left terrified after a scary, shadowy figure appeared in the background of a woman’s video.

User Mariyah May filmed herself removing some very long fake nails and posted the video to the app. As she clips off the nails, a shadowy figure can be seen lurking over her right shoulder.

Watch the video here:


Full video of my most recent set 💙 I’m going to redo her though 😂 #longnails

♬ original sound – mariyah may


The dark figure appears before the camera when she leans to her left. But, she is completely oblivious to it.

In the comment section, people speculated as to what it could have been. Some suggested that it was a “shadow demon”. “He’s standing there like a ghost, it’s scary,” a user said.

Replying to some of the comments, she said the “ghost” was, in fact, her fiance. But she said she didn’t know what he was doing.



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