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WATCH: Giant swarm of mosquitoes form ‘tornado’

A swarm of mosquitoes created a terrifying tornado-like formation high into the sky in Argentina.

A driver on Route 74 between General Madriaga and Pinamar in Argentina recorded video footage showing a huge dark tower looming in the sky. It appears to stand hundreds of feet tall, but upon closer look, the entire structure is made up of mosquitoes.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger, I’ve never seen anything like this before,” the shocked motorist says in the video.

A researcher at the Centre for Parasitological and Vector Studies (CEPAVE), Juan Jose Garcia, told local media: “Heavy rains caused flooding resulting in large pools of stagnant water where female mosquitoes lay their eggs.”

This often results in the birth of ‘huge numbers’ of insects which ‘invade cities’, he added.

Garcia said that they do not pose a threat to humans but do have the potential to interfere with farming activities.



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