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29-kilogram giant turnip breaks Guinness world record

A Canadian gardener’s giant 29-kilogram turnip has broken the Guinness World Record which weighed roughly as much as an adult husky or a 65-inch television.

Damien Allard, a gardener from Gaspé city in Canada’s Quebec province, became Guinness World Record holder for the giant turnip he unearthed in November last year after crushing the previous 2014 record of a 17.7-kilogram turnip.

The gardener is a cabinetmaker by profession who lives in Carleton-sur-Mer, Quebec unearthed the turnip on November 2 last year which had a circumference of 138 centimetres, a height of 35 centimetres and a width of 46 centimetres.

giant turnip guinness world record canadian gardener

“There are eight billion of us on Earth. I’m the only one who managed to make a big turnip like that,” he said at the time. “It’s a bit exceptional.”

According to the Guinness World Records website, Allard has had his eye on this particular title since 2016, when he dug up a seven-kilogram turnip and decided to check the world record, CBC reported.

giant turnip guinness world record canadian gardener

After continuing his efforts to break the previous world records, he had almost achieved the target in 2018 with a 15.5-kilogram turnip.

Later, officials and journalists attended Damien Allard’s harvest to verify his latest contender’s weight and size in 2020.

giant turnip guinness world record canadian gardener

The turnip broke the previous record with a total of three turnips, the Guinness site said, with the other two turnips weighing in at 22.9 and 24.4 kilograms.

“I am very, very happy. It’s been two years that I have been working quite intensely on my turnips. I suspected very strongly that this year was the right one, but I never thought I would have been more than 10 kilos above the old record,” Allard told Radio-Canada in November.



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