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Have math problems keeping you confused? Let Google help, step-by-step

Google Search is one tool every kid uses today for a range of reasons including for finding information on some academic project, for learning something that is prompting them to be curious, or for making examination notes, among numerous other applications.

Kids use Google also to learn mathematics as it helps them decode technical problems. But now Google wants to take this to the next level by allowing the kids to practice and learn mathematics with a more interactive experience.

Google has now introduced two new features in its Search which it has revealed in a new blog post. The first one is a feature called ‘practice problems’ — an interactive feature that would test the child’s knowledge of mathematics, chemistry as well as physics.

In order to enable math practice problems on Google Search, all the user has to do is search for topics like ‘chemical bond practice problems’.

The page will directly open learning resources sourced from ed-tech brands like BBC Bitesize, Byjus, Careers360, Chegg, CK12, Education Quizzes, GradeUp, and other platforms. It is also diversifying into different kinds of math equations by teaming up with Symbolab Mathway and Tiger Algebra.

The second feature is an explainer feature for maths problems. Simply type in the math problem in the search box or use Google Lens over the math problem in your book and it will offer a detailed step-by-step guide on solving that particular problem.

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