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Govt to deliberate over PPP’s suggestions on extension of military courts: Dar

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Monday said the incumbent government would deliberate over the suggestions of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) regarding extension of military courts, ARY News reported.

“We have received suggestions from the PPP and we would send copies of those suggestions to all the political parties for re-consultation over this matter,” he said talking to media in response to PPP Co-Chairman Asif Zardari while flanked by Minister for Law and Justice Zahid Hamid.

Asif Ali Zardari said the PPP has suggested a year-long extension for the term of military courts, along with some ‘suggestions’.

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This should be noted that the parliamentary leaders of major political parties with the exception on the Pakistan People’s Party on February 28 had agreed to extend military courts for a period of two years.

Dar said the final decision would be taken in consultation with all the political parties including the PPP in this regard.

He said a couple of changes suggested by the ruling party of Sindh were specially important to discuss.

“Initially, extension in military courts was suggested for three years. Then, all the political parties, except the PPP, had consensus over two years’ extension. Whereas, the PPP has now suggested to extend it for one year only,” he said adding that the PPP has also suggested to include sessions judges in military courts.

However, he said, the job of military courts could not be fulfilled in two years. The transformation from military courts into civil courts would require time of atleast two years, he added.

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“Still we would open-heartedly discuss it with other parties,” he said.

The finance minister said terrorism is a very complicated subject. The government has made enough progress in 20 areas under National Action Plan. Progress in some areas might be less, which needs to be accelerated, he said.

He said a bill regarding terrorists has been sent to all the provinces.

Minister Zahid Hamid said we almost had consensus over extension of military courts. However, we have received new suggestion now, he said.

He said the suggestions included some clerical changes which were not a big deal.

“We will again consult other parties over this matter within legal limits to establish consensus,” he said.




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