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Three ‘husbands’ approach Lahore High Court against one ‘wife’

LAHORE:  Lahore High Court on Wednesday had to deal with an interesting situation when at least three people came forward claiming to have married a single woman, an alleged fraudster who goes by aliases Misbah and Saba, ARY News reported.

According to ARY News correspondent, a man named Sabir approached LHC against a woman named Misbah alleging that she has married another man while she was already in wedlock with him. As the woman reached court with a request to dismiss the case against her, three more men came forward claiming she married them and then ran away with money and valuables.

The men named Khalid and Atif too claimed that the woman married them using aliases Misbah and Saba and then within a week, ran away with money and valuables.

All three men have now filed cases against the woman who, they claim, is now living with a fourth husband after robbing them of their hard earned money.

This Pakistani gang will remind you of Bollywood’s ‘Dolly Ki Doli’

The court not only rejected Misbah’s request but also asked her to help police in its investigation.

Reports suggest the woman belongs to the same gang ARY News anchor Iqrarul Hassan helped police nab during a 2017 episode of his famous raid show.

The Sar-e-Aam team helped police bust the members of this gang during a raid in Kamalia and then in Islamabad. A case was registered against them but they have probably started their activities again in the province.




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