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VIDEO: Gun-wielding wife saves ‘journalist’ husband from attackers

There is perhaps no absolute definition of a ‘true life partner’ but a video from India shows how a life partner – whether husband or wife – should be courageous to fight alongside you in a dangerous situation.

CCTV footage, shared by Indian news agency ANI, shows a man being attacked by unknown assailants in Lucknow’s Kakori district and then being rescued by his gun-toting wife.

In the video, which is creating quite a buzz online, with people calling the woman ‘Revolver Rani’, the man seems to be casually talking to someone outside his house when a group of four men – two of their faces covered with handkerchiefs – appear out of nowhere and start beating the man up. One even gets a rod to attack the man.

Upon hearing the ruckus, a woman – apparently the victim’s wife – appears from within the house brandishing a gun and aims it at the assailants. Scared, the men run away, leaving the man injured and with his clothes in tatters.

According to MSN, the man is a journalist by profession. Police said the man was attacked over some land dispute.



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