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Hajra Yamin wins hearts with powerful performance in ‘Jalan’

The way Hajra Yamin brings Areej's feelings, her love for Ahmer and the pain she goes through when Ahmer insults her on screen is just amazing

ARY Digital’s ‘Jalan’ is breaking viewership records, thanks to a gripping storyline and flawless acting from its lead actors, especially by Minal Khan, who is playing the protagonist Nisha.

Into its 13th episode, as the lead character, Nisha, has finally revealed her true colours before her parents, the play’s viewers have fallen in love with another heroine after Nisha’s sister and victim Misha (played by Areeba Habib).

The actress,  who has now won viewer’s hearts is none other than Hajra Yamin- who plays Areej, Ahmer’s newlywed wife- who is deeply in love with the guy Nisha rejected but is unlikely to even get his attention.

Ahmer (Fahad Sheikh) finally marries Areej on the insistence of her sister (played by Maira Khan) but only insults her and her feelings for him. Areej’s character is that of a woman who believes in unconditional love and she only reciprocates his hate with love.

Hajra Yamin has not only done justice to the role but has given the fans of the drama another unlikely heroine. The way she brings Areej’s feelings, her love for Ahmer and the pain she goes through when Ahmer insults her on-screen is just amazing and social media is showering her with praise since episode 13 went on air.


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Cast: MinalKhan, AreebaHabib, EmmadIrfani, FahadSheikh, MohammedAhmedSyed, SajidaSyed, NadiaHussain, MairaKhan, SabihaHashmi, HajraYamin & others Director: Aabis Raza Writer: Sidra Sehar Imran Producers: Fahad Mustafa & Ali Kazmi Production: Big Bang Entertainment @minalkhan.official @imareebahabib @emmadirfani @imfahadsheikh @mairakhanofficial @razaaabis @hajra_yamin @mohammedahmedsyed @mustafafahad26 #minalkhan #emmadirfani #fahadsheikh #areebahabib #mairakhan #hajrayamin #minalkhan5m #arydigital #minal #minalkhanofficial #minalsfeed #aimanminal #minalians #emmad #ahmar #fahad #fahadmustafa #maira #mahira #mahirakhan #jalan #pakistanicelebrities #pakistanidramas #arydramas #arydigitaldrama #nisha #meeno #misha #asfand #ahmer

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The actress herself also shared some BTS pictures from the episode’s shooting.

Not only her fans, but the talented actress also received love from her fellow actress and the play’s leading actress, Minal Khan.

Have a look!

The lady has not only captivated the audience but has also left them worrying about her character Areej’s future in the drama, like they are worried about Misha.



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