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Halting JI leaders’ executions in Bangladesh possible, if Pakistan takes up issue: Siraj

However, he said, if Islamabad remained unmoved, it would have to pay a heavy price for that in future.

He said the government of Pakistan had forgotten those who laid down their lives for Pakistan. He said the JI leaders in Bangladesh were being punished on accusation of attempting to save Pakistan.

“Leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh, are being punished because of their love for Pakistan,” he said while speaking in Islamabad after offering Namaz-e-Janaza in absentia of JI Bangladesh leader Mir Quasem Ali, who was executed yesterday under controversial war tribunal established by the Bangladesh government.

Special prayers were also offered for the departed soul.


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The Ameer JI said International community in a moral obscenity had turned a blind eye on the political genocide of JI leadership in Bangladesh.

“I condemn the pro-Indian Govt. of Bangladesh in strongest terms to have hanged the patriotic leadership of JI. Prime Minister Bangladesh Hasina Wajed is totally under New Delhi’s control while India wanted to eliminate patriotic elements from Bangladesh before invasion there,” he said.

He said world had not given any importance to the reports of the Amnesty International,Human Rights Watch and 50 members of EU parliament because those being executed were Muslims.



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