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Hamza Ali Abbasi’s doppelganger takes internet by storm

After Peter Dinklage’s lookalike in Rawalpindi and Emran Hashmi’s Peshawari doppelganger, it’s Hamza Ali Abbasi’s which is breaking the internet.

The look-alike of the popular actor has been found who does look like him. Yasir Ammar with a following of 13.5k Instagram hails from Mianwali.

It’s common to find similar faces but this doppelganger even speaks like the actor.

Earlier, look-alikes of Bollwood actors Ranveer Singh, Emraan Hashmi and Game of Throne’s actor Peter Dinklage’s has also been found in Pakistan.

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The Waar actor recently took to Twitter to share that he will make an “important announcement” soon, which fans hope will not be his exit from showbiz industry.

He is reportedly out of the country with wife Naimal Khawar, whom he married in August.



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