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Hareem Farooq’s ‘Parchi’ teaser released, leaving viewers curious

KARACHI: The teaser for ARY Films’ upcoming movie ‘Parchi’ is finally out, heightening the suspense over Hareem Farooq’s role in the flick as she could be seen thrashing a person. 

“Is she performing role of a hooligan?”

The one-minute clip shows Hareem as a dominant character, beating a man who apparently seemed to have been taken as a hostage.

Donning a leather jacket accompanied by a group of men, she appears fearless, who cannot be messed with.

Ali Rehman Khan and Hareem are playing the lead roles and the man behind Janaan, Azfar Jafri is directing the movie in association with ARY Films.

As the movie’s title suggests, the plot is based on ‘bhatta culture’ (extortion culture).

The short teaser leaves the audience completely puzzled, arousing their curiosity about movie’s plot.

“Is it an action thriller, a comedy, or crime fiction?”

Teaser further depicts money being counted on a restaurant table and a man with a bag full of cash walking under the rain, leaving the viewers completely confused like who is going to get the money and where is it coming from.

There so many questions for which we will have to wait till the release of the movie.



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