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People have rejected politics of agitation, says Nawaz Sharif

HARIPUR: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said the masses have rejected the politics of agitation and division as his opponents have recently been failed to gather a crowd in grand protest.   

Addressing a public rally here, Sharif said the opponents have been indulged in politics of allegations.

“People have rejected the politics of agitation,” he thundered while referring to Lahore grand protest. He said the opposition parties were completely failed in their recent show three days ago.

Alluding to PTI chairman Imran Khan, Sharif said that the people who are cursing parliament are one having a desire to make a majority in the assembly to come into power.

“I salute to those judges who declared this man [Imran Khan] Sadiq and Ameen [honest and truthful] despite he admitted to own an offshore company,” Sharif said.

Taking credit for undertaking countrywide projects, Sharif said Imran Khan couldn’t name a single project which has been completed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

“What has he done for you?” he asked the crowd.

On the occasion, he said his party will also undertake development projects in the KP, as what he said, the province doesn’t belong to PTI only.

“This is not your [Imran Khan] province only. This is our province too,” he said.

Calling the gathering of a sizable crowd a ‘referendum’, Sharif said the turnout of people at the venue is an evident proof of his party’s growing popularity in aftermath of the Panamagate saga.

Moreover, he reiterated that his ouster has slowed down the economic growth in the country.



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