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VIDEO: Bear brutally attacks man after he tries to ‘tease’ it with food

A horrifying footage has surfaced showing a bear brutally mauling a man who reportedly tried to tease the wild animal with food.

Naiphum Promratee, 36, had been with four friends when he decided to visit the temple in rural Phetchabun province, Thailand, this morning, reports said.

Bear attack

But he angered the bear who stood on its hind legs and dragged the man into the enclosure, knocking him unconscious before tearing off his flesh with its teeth.

Horrifying footage showed spectators trying in vain to scare away the bear as he mauled Promratee. His friends hit the bear with poles and threw cold water at it, to no avail.

Bear maul

The bear continued to bite and scratch the man for almost a minute before it started dragging him across the dusty enclosure.

But one of the zookeepers ran into the enclosure and battered the bear in its cage with a pole while friends rescued Naiphum.

Bear mauls tourist

Bpae Permpoonsap, 60, from the Khon Khao Koo Pai rescue service, said: ‘We received a report today of a bear attack at 11.10am.

‘The bear was among other creatures being raised by monks at the temple. The man had gone to the temple with four or five friends and he was toying with the bear.

Bear thailand

‘It pulled him in and attacked him. We arrived and found the man injured seriously. He had been with his friends and wanted to feed the animals.

‘He was lucky to survive and he is in hospital now and able to talk.’

The monks keep around two dozen wild boars in a small enclosure and a bear in a cage which they care for and allow guests to feed.

Bear cage

Bpae said the boars were outside in a nearby field while the bear roamed around the enclosure as it was fed.

A spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) told MailOnline: ‘If you taunt a hungry bear, you’re likely to get hurt.

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GRAPHIC Footage: Some people may find this video disturbing

Complete footage



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