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Humaira Arshad patches up with husband Ahmed Butt

Humaira Arshad and her husband Ahmed Butt had not gotten along in the recent past. Addressing press conferences and issuing statements against each other, the couple accused each other of fraud and theft. Following the ugly spat between husband and wife, Arshad had filed a claim for divorce in court.

During this period, Humaira Arshad’s brother Ghulam Abbas and Sakhi Sarwar played an important role in resolving differences between the couple and pacifying the situation. According to sources, the couple have not only reconciled but also buried the hatchet regarding all of their conflicting issues from the past.

Speaking to a local media channel, Humaira Arshad thanked her fans and well-wishers for the support they offered her during her tough times. She expressed her gratitude and stated that some media personnel had not only supported her but also played a crucial part in her reconciliation with her husband. Humaira, elated, also said that she was delighted to know that throughout the whole drama, she had come to know how many people loved and admired her.

She also stated that she was very happy and delighted that her issues with her husband had been resolved and reconciliation had taken place. She asked her fans and admirers to pray for her, as she needed their prayers to lead a happy and content life, just like in the past.



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