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Humsafar no more: Naveen and Azfar split after three years

Azfar also issued a statement with regard to his split from wife Naveen Waqar, whom he had married for three years. Azfar said that since news regarding the split had already reached people, he felt there was no point in keeping it from his fans.

“The news of our marriage was blown way out of proportion and since it eventually became public news and information, I don’t want to keep anybody in the dark now,” he said.

Azfar also revealed that he had been separated from Naveen since July this year and that he had sought divorce from her in November.
“I have divorced my now ex-wife Naveen Waqar. We’ve been separated since July 2015 and then I filed for divorce which came through in November,” he said.

Azfar also spoke about the divorce and without divulging into much detail, explained that it occurred since the both of them were not getting along.
“I don’t think the reason behind the divorce is important, it’ll be enough to say that we were not getting along and if things are not happy at home, there is no point in dragging them on,” he stated. “I also chose to do this because a lot of people are calling me and inviting us to their shows for a joint interview. I want everybody to know, once and for all, that we have separated and there is no need for this.”

Azfar had gained overnight fame when he starred in the hit comedy show Sab Set Hai along with Mani. Since then he has directed a couple of dramas and gained recognition as a director. Naveen Waqar was a fairly popular RJ and VJ before she achieved instant fame when her hit serial Humsafar became a sensational hit in Pakistan and India.



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