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Hypnotist robber gang arrested in Karachi

KARACHI: Police on Wednesday claimed to have arrested a gang of robbers feared for their unique style of robbing shopkeepers in the city, ARY News reported.

According to details, Ferozabad police has arrested a 60-year-old man and his son for running a three-member gang robbing shopkeepers using hypnotism and other deceptive tactics.

Police say one of the members of the gang, a woman, managed to avoid arrest as she left for her native country, Iran, before the raid.

The gang, identified through a number of CCTV footages, used a number of deceptive tactics to rob shopkeepers of their money and merchandise with hypnotism as their major tool.

مدہوش کرکے دکانداروں کو لوٹنے والا گروہ پکڑا گیا۔

مدہوش کرکے دکانداروں کو لوٹنے والا گروہ پکڑا گیا۔مزید دیکھیں: https://bit.ly/2DnbCb0#BakhabarSavera #ARYNews

Posted by Bakhabar Savera on Wednesday, September 11, 2019


In one of the videos seen by ARY News, the gang leader can be seen emptying a shopkeeper’s money locker before his eyes using hypnotism.

The man also demonstrated how he used to take money for counting purpose from shopkeepers and used to return them without them knowing he stole from the bundle.

Police say the shopkeepers of the city had registered several complaints against the gang and they were one of the most wanted criminals in their list.



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