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I never demanded PTI Presidency: Javed Hashmi

Javed Hashmi, speaking in a press conference at his residence in Multan, claimed that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had congratulated Nawaz Sharif  on being elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan and had assured PM that he will not disturb his government.

About the Azadi March, Hashmi said, “Imran Khan’s antics showed that the government would be toppled well before the party started its march towards Islamabad”.

“I had told Imran Khan before joining the party that I will not work under him and Khan and I will share the same status”, Hashmi said.

He also claimed that Shah Mehmood Qureshi joined PTI on the condition that he be made Vice Chairman of the party.

Javed Hashmi lamented that the children of the political leaders are studying abroad whereas the children of the nation are out on the streets.

The former PTI president claimed that the PTI’s planning against the government will lead to the government gaining more time to control the situation and the party will be counted amongst the benefactors of the government.



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