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Imran Khan announces Islamabad March on Oct 30

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has called on all Pakistanis to reach Islamabad on 30th October to demand the accountability of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over the Panama Papers.

“They have see Raiwind march, and now they will see Islamabad march,” said Imran who also vowed to not let the government run after this month.

While addressing the media, he defended his decision to not attend the joint session of parliament, and said that his achievement is clearly seen in front of world. He said that that they will continue to boycott the parliament, until either the Prime Minister resigns or presents himself for accountability .

He asked the people of Islamabad for patience and tolerance, as he knows that it will cause them inconvenience but it is for the better interest of Pakistan. He said that there is not hope from any other institution, although there is some from the Supreme Court, but his last hope is the people of Pakistan.

He strongly criticised Prime Nawaz Sharif and said that the Panama Papers have proved that he is a criminal. “I cannot accept a criminal as the Prime Minister,” he said.

“I am not that great politician such as Asif Zardari or Maulana Fazl-ul-Rehman,” said Imran while saying that he considered it morally degrading to shake hands with those involved in corruption.

Imran also called out Bilawal Bhutto for his meeting with Nawaz Sharif and that it was rather hypocritical of both of the them to criticise and then embrace each other. “You cannot raise slogans against each other and then shake hands,” he said.

He recommended that the PPP should also introduce a minus-one formula like the MQM. He said that Zardari and Sharif were the same thing, and that Zardari knows the next tenure in government will be his turn. He claimed that Zardari only wants to save Ayaan Ali and Dr. Asim Hussain.

He said that there were people in the PPP like Aitzaz Ahsan who wanted accountability of the Prime Minister, but were sidelined and cannot do anything against corruption. He alleged that the PPP will not act as they are also complicit in corruption.

He also criticised Leader of Opposition Khursheed Shah and said that there cannot be a more friendly opposition than him. He accused that Shah had received enormous favours from Nawaz Sharif which was also proved by some of their ministers. The PTI had supported Khursheed Shah to be Leader of Opposition, but even they (PPP) cannot take a stand.

Imran said that Pakistan was united over the issue of Kashmir, and the situation across the Line of Control. However, Nawaz Sharif was still cozying up to Modi, while the Indian Prime Minister was make full efforts to isolate Pakistan from the world.

He said that they were steadfast in their demand that either the Prime Minister should resign or present himself for accountability.



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