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Imran says talks on his marriage are 'ill-timed'

Rumors about Imran Khan’s marriage with BBC weather girl Reham Khan were  buzzing around from the past week.  There were reports that 62-year old cricketer turned politician has tied knot to 41 year-old, divorced mother-of-three, Reham Khan.

Commenting on the reports of his secret marriage, Imran Khan today issued a statement from Islamabad and called for taking the issue of his second marriage cautiously, because he already has children.

Imran says talks on his marriage are ‘ill-timed’ by arynews

When whispers were going rounds about his marriage on social media, Imran tweeted on December 31 to tone down the hype.

“I expressed my wish to remarry in the presence of my supporters and media but keeping in view the situation of the country, we need to wait for appropriate time” , he added.

Imran Khan further said that at present we all are in the state of mourning because of Peshawar tragedy.



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