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Imran Khan terms Nawaz Sharif ‘Mir Jaffar’ ‘Mir Sadiq’

SARGODHA: akistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Friday accused Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of “buying  everyone who challenges him” and termed the PM ‘Mir Jaffar’ and ‘Mir Sadiq’.

Addressing a rally in Sargodha city of Punjab provice, the PTI chief repeated his allegation that the Sharif family tried to bribe him by saying that “Nawaz Sharif tries to buy anyone who challenges him, and he tried it with me too”.

About the Joint Investigation Team formed after Panama Papers verdict, Imran Khan claimed that he does not worry about whatever JIT concludes but will continue his fight against corruption.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan announced the Panama case verdict on April 20. The 549-page judgment said that there was insufficient evidence to order Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s removal from office.

The bench ordered formation of a JIT to continue the investigation against the Sharif family. Nawaz Sharif and his sons Hussain and Hasan have been directed to appear before the JIT.

The six-member Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has begun its operations on May 8.



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