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Imran lashes out at PM for seeking ‘immunity’ in Panama case

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan once again fired broadsides on the prime minister in a media talk, calling him ‘the most corrupt man of the country’, ARY News reported.

Khan said the prime minister was now seeking ‘constitutional immunity’ after being taken to the court in Panama leaks case. “If we call someone corrupt, it’s not an abuse, but a reality,” he said while speaking to media after the Panama case hearing at the Supreme Court.

He regretted that his party was stopped from speaking on the issue in the Parliament, with government saying the matter is subjudice.

“When we planned to stage sit-in, we were told to come to the Parliament,” he said.

Khan cited PM Sharif as vowing in the past that he wouldn’t seek any immunity in any case. ‘What about that claim now’, asked Imran Khan.

The PTI chief said a member of ICIJ in Pakistan had endorsed that the Panama Papers case documents’ were bona fide.

He claimed the counsel of prime minister couldn’t yet produce documents to prove innocence of PM’s children in Panama Papers case.

He said PML-N lawmaker Rana Sanaullah indirectly threatened the Supreme Court after he said people would take to the streets if ‘verdict goes against them’.

Khan recalled that it was the same Pakistan Muslim League NAwaz that had attacked the Supreme Court in the past.

“Now the government is running away and trying to seek protection on pretexts of different articles of the Constitution.”

He underlined that it wont serve any purpose for the government to target him. “You will have to present yourself for money trial.”

He said the PML-N was living in delusion if it believed that targeting Imran Khan would deflect public criticism at the ruling elite.



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