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Imran left alone by his own allies, says Rasheed

Speaking to media here, he said Imran had vowed to perform hajj and visit Raiwand during this holy month, but he backtracked on both the vows.

He said his allies also distanced from Mr. Khan from joining his protest.

“After refusal from his cousin, the PTI chief has been left alone to visit Raiwand,” said Rasheed in a jibe to Khan after Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s apparent rebuff to join PTI in the protest.

Without naming Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, the minister said ‘Rawalpindi wala’ speaks of ‘impending sacrifice of any one’ every Eid, but his wishes don’t come true.

“I have heard that Rawalpindi man has now bought camel for this Eid,” he said.

Earlier, he claimed that the government made best arrangements for Hajj pilgrims this year. He said pilgrims’ returning home praise government for its initiatives and steps.



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