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Imran relates NA-246 by-election to Karachi’s future

Speaking at a press conference here, Imran Khan said that tomorrow’s rally and April 23 by-election hold vital significance for the future of not only Karachi, but the entire country.

“Karachi is the key city of Pakistan and country’s future depends upon circumstances in the metropolis in the days to come,” he said. “The atmosphere here for the past 25 to 30 years remained full of fear, which caused great loss to the country.”

“Businessmen and traders moved to Bangladesh and Malaysia fearing their life, which in return created an army of unemployed people,” regretted Khan.

“The city could not become what it was to and this is because this by-election is greatly important for it will figure the future of Karachi,” he declared.

He said: NA-246 by-election will answer the questions like whether the businessmen will have to go to their work places in an armored vehicle, will the shop-keepers have to pay protection money, or whether the public officials will be fearful of living in the city.

“We have provided the Karachi populace with a ‘chance’ to break these barriers of fear, Tehreek-i-Insaf is the only party which never wielded arms and it has expanded all over the country in a short time, while other parties reduced to the regions they came from.”

“Karachi’s educated populace has been sidelined and we wish to bring them back to the mainstream and this election will mark the direction Karachi will be heading in,” said Imran Khan.

Appeal to Rangers

The PTI chairman appealed Pakistan Rangers to ensure peace here on polling day.

He urged the paramilitary force to make sure that no one felt any fear while voting for the candidate of his choice in the by-polls.

Message to MQM

Imran Khan asked MQM ‘not to spread fear and let the masses vote according to their choice’.

He stressed that the true representatives of Karachi should come forth now, not the ones who have been holding the city into hostage by means of guns.

A ‘chance’ to Karachi populace

When asked by a journalist how much he is sure of winning the polls, Imran Khan said that we will try our level best; Tehreek-i-Insaf is providing a chance to the people of Karachi.

‘Ghost polling stations, neutral staff’

He warned of consulting the Election Commission of Pakistan if any ghost polling station was set up in the constituency.

Khan maintained the fears expressed by PTI candidate Imran Ismail and called for appointing ‘neutral’ polling staff in the by-election as this is the right of the candidate to ask for impartial officials for performing election duties.

Karachi’s significance

“Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz decided not to contest the by-election for it is only interested in forming the central government by winning polls from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but we know the importance of Karachi for the country,” he said.

Karachi runs the entire country and its peace is utmost necessary for functioning of the state, therefore PTI is contesting the by-polls to bring a change here and rid the city of unrest, concluded Imran Khan.



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