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India accepts talks offer, says ready for dialogue with Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: India has agreed to dialogue with Pakistan in letters to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, ARY News reported on Thursday.

PM Imran Khan and foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had wrote letters to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar over BJP victory in India’s general elections and expressed Pakistan’s desire to resolve all bilateral contentious issues through dialogue.

According to sources both letters from India, encouraging comprehensive and fresh negotiation, were sent to Pakistan through a proper diplomatic channel.

Pakistani leaders had invited India to talk about Kashmir, terrorism and other issues and said they were open to talks with India and had said renewed efforts would be made after the Indian election.

In his letter, Indian prime minister said India wants a cordial relationship with all countries in the region. He said India also wants peace and prosperity in the region.

India has always given importance to the peace and progress, the letter read. It called for dialogue between Pakistan and India to specially focus on ways to curb terrorism.

Sources told that both letters, encouraging comprehensive and fresh negotiation, were sent to Pakistan through a proper diplomatic channel.

Indian government said that it is ready to play role in maintaining the regional peace.

We always give priority to the development of the people living in the Sub-Continent. We also appreciate Pakistan’s effort for the revival of talks. However, the negotiation should mainly discuss terrorism, the letters said.

According to sources, Pakistan will soon dispatch its reply to the Indian letters.

Foreign Office of Pakistan

Spokesman for the Foreign Office answering questions pertaining to the development said that Pakistan’s position on the matter has been clear from day one and does not need reiteration.

It is pertinent that peace prevails for prosperity in South Asia, said Dr. Faisal.

The FO spokesperson further added that for longstanding peace, development and prosperity in the region problem solving was a must.

Elaborating on the challenges that the two countries share, the doctor said that the ‘Kashmir Issue’ certainly is part of the challenge which needed a viable solution.

Bilateral discussions and support would help to bring down flaring tensions along coming up with a plausible solution to the problems between the neighbors which would make long standing peace and prosperity possible, it was said in conclusion.



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