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‘India should put its own house in order’: DG ISPR responds to Indian COAS

RAWALPINDI: Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Thursday said that India should first look inwards and protects its citizens before pointing fingers at Pakistan, ARY News reported.

Reacting to Indian COAS’ statement that Pakistan needs to be a secular country to have better ties with India,  the army’s spokesman said that India, before advising Pakistan on policy matters, should first turn into a truly secular state.

He maintained that foreign office had aptly responded to Indian COAS statement and had reminded that Pakistan is and will remain an Islamic state.

He added that Pakistan, being an Islamic state, protects the rights of its minorities but India, which claims to become a secular state, saw incidents like Babri Masjid demolition and Gujrat massacre.

“Muslims are living there (India) in a deplorable condition, so I will suggest them to look inwards and put their own house in order,” said Asif Ghafoor.

India’s ceasefire violations

The DG ISPR also expressed concern over civilian killings during India’s continued ceasefire violations and said that this year saw the highest number of civilian killings on Pakistani side.

“At least 55 civilians lost their lives while 300 others were injured in these ceasefire violations by India, we cannot ofcourse retaliate as it doesn’t suit a professional force (to kill civilians) and because our Kashmiri brethren live on the other side,” said DG ISPR.

Asif Ghafoor maintained that Pakistan wants talks with India for durable peace but tit is the Indian side which is continuously backing off from negotiations.

He added that Pakistan opened the Kartarpur border as the first step in the process and now it is India’s turn to show it is willing to come on the table.

PTM should not cross limit

About Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM), the DG ISPR said that the party had had three demands and army is working to fulfill all three but warned the party not to cross limits.

He told media that PTM’s first demand was removal of checkposts and Pakistan Army decreased its check-posts in KP/FATA and now there are only 331 posts in comparison with 669 in the past.

“When we will feel that there is no need for a single check-post, we will remove them all,” said Asif Ghafoor.

He added that PTM’s second demand was to clear mines and the process is underway.

The DG ISPR said that the third demand was regarding missing persons and the judiciary is hearing cases in this regard.

About the party’s activities, he said that the army is negotiating with the party as so far it has shared grievances of residents of tribal areas and has not resorted to violence.

“If they cross the line, the state will have to take action,” said Asif Ghafoor.

DG ISPR also urged media to play a positive role and use its power to portray the positive image of the country.



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