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India to punish those depicting wrong map of the country

According to an Indian news agency, depicting wrong map of India such as showing Occupied Kashmir part of Pakistan and Arunachal Pradesh in China, can land citizens in hot waters.

The masses can be imprisoned up to seven years and a fine of INR one million to INR 1000 million will be imposed on the violators of the law.

The decision of tabling the bill came after the country lodged a complaint with Google and Twitter, several months ago, over showing incorrect maps of India. Jammu was shown as part of Pakistan and Kashmir as a part of China.

Anyone depicting wrong map of the country being dealt under Section 69-A in The Information Technology Act. The government blocks the access of the online links of the violators.

No one will be allowed to have geospatial data or imagery of the country through aerial means such as planes, satellites and balloons if the bill is passed from both houses of the Parliament.

Online services such as Google Maps and Google Earth will be able to avail that information which will get the green signal from Security Vetting Authority.



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