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Indian boy, 16, dies after playing PUBG continuously for several days

There has been a rise in cases of gaming addiction especially among teenager and that is a cause for concern. In India, a 16-year-old boy has reportedly lost his life after continuously playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for several days, skipping meals and did not even drink water.

The report carried by Indian media stated that the boy who resides in Andhra Pradesh developed severe dehydration due to the fact that he wasn’t taking food and water. When the family got to know after he fell sick, he was rushed to a private hospital in the city of Eluru.

The boy further developed severe diarrhoea and had to undergo a surgical operation. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it through the surgery.

CID Superintendent of Police (SP-Cyber Crimes) G.R. Radhika said, “Cyber offenders will exploit children by offering online games. In some cases, they are taking minors into their control and are using them for illegal activities like drug peddling.”

She further added, “The CID is organising a month-long awareness programme for students, parents, youth and the general public on different types of cyber crimes, including cyber stalking, bullying, honey traps, online prostitution, cyber grooming, e-commerce traps, job frauds, matrimony phishing, OTP frauds and other cyber offences.”

This kind of a PUBG addiction case is not something new. We have seen such cases in the past too. Back in January, a 25-year-old man died after suffering a brain stroke as he was playing the game for too long.

PUBG is a popular game and it is highly addictive. However, the gamers need to have an amount of self-control otherwise it could prove to be really dangerous for their health.



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