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Indian journalist eulogises Imran’s peace overture, slams Modi govt’s ‘irresponsible’ response

KARACHI: Senior Indian journalist Jyoti Malhotra on Wednesday lauded Prime Minister Imran Khan’s message for peace and slammed the Modi government’s ‘irresponsible’ response to the opening of Kartarpur border corridor, ARY News reported.

Blatantly pooh-poohing the Indian media’s propaganda to find negativity in opening of the Kartarpur corridor, she said it was keen desire of the people of India and Pakistan to abridge the gap in bilateral ties which acceded their political representatives/ leadership to take the initiative in this regard.

Eulogising Prime Minister Imran Khan’s message for peace in which he gave example of Germany and France, she said definitely if both the rival countries of the European Union who have fought several wars and killed thousands and thousands of people could have cordial ties, then why Pakistan and India could not improve their bilateral relations.

“People are happy about it (opening of corridor) and the (Indian) government cannot overlook it,” she said while talking to ARY News programme ‘Off The Record’.

The Indian journalist also supported the rhetoric that both the neighbouring countries should hold talks on the Kashmir dispute.

While, she disapproved of the Indian government’s cancellation of the New York meeting between the foreign ministers of the neighbouring countries within 24 hours of confirming in September this year.

“In my view, this was wrong and irresponsible. This should not have been done. After all what’s the impediment in holding talks, nobody is doing it on gunpoint,” she said.

On Kartarpur border corridor opening, Malhotra said some political pressure was there, however, the Indian government’s assenting in this regard was mainly because of people’s demand.



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