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Sikhs in India open their doors for Kashmiris; offer them food, protection

The Sikh community in the Indian state of Chandigarh has set a new benchmark of humanity by offering the stranded Kashmiris a shelter and protection from the mobs who are after them, ARY News reported.

Kashmiri students are facing torture, harassment and threats at the hands of angry mobs in the stretches of India after the Pulwama attack, which left 44 Indian soldiers dead.

Resultantly, Kashmiri students across the country are facing evictions, job losses, and threats of violence. Some of the students have also been subjected to torture.

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But a video emerged on social media on Tuesday in which Sikh community members in an unidentified district of Chandigarh state can be seen helping out stranded Kashmiri students.

The community has established a sanctuary for those belonging to Kashmir in a local gurudwara, Sikh place of worship.

It can be seen in the video that restores faith in humanity that the people seeking refuge there are being provided with food and shelter.

The narrator of the video, who is, apparently, a Chandigarh resident, can be heard telling that the Kashmiri students who were stationed in the gurudwara had not eaten for days before they finally arrived in the shelter.

He also goes on to say that several students were stuck in their respective university hostels, where they didn’t even light bulbs at night lest they are tracked.

The narrator also can be heard saying that the Sikh community would take the responsibility of safely escorting [the stranded Kashmiris] all the way to Jammu and Kashmir.



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